Food Service

At by Amos we leverage our sous-vide capabilities to create custom sear and serve protein solutions for the following business:

  • Catering

  • Banquet halls

  • Quick serve restaurants

  • Hotels

  • High volume restaurants

Customization at your fingertips

  • We have the ability to use any protein and create custom spice blend/ marinades

  • Custom butchery, specific portion sizes

  • Custom pack and case sizes


Distribution will be managed by La Ferme Black River or GFS.

Contact your sales reps from these companies and ask them by Amos/ Rosedale Catering products. 


Shahir Massoud, Corporate Executive Chef Levetto Restaurants:

“by Amos created a total custom solution for our salad topper across all our restaurants. From the spice mix to the pack size to the pack size to the portion size they bent over backwards to suit our needs and we ended up replacing an over-processed, overcooked piece of chicken we used to use with some sous vide chicken that was simple sear then serve.  The by Amos product had a lot of the same function attributes and benefits to the precooked product we used to use, it was just as quick to prepare had a good shelf life, but it tasted like real chicken and  was just vastly superior quality wise, for us there is no turning back.”